August 27, 2013

About Town

The market? Sure.
But first, let's stop for a spot of lunch.
Yes, we have it all.
" Trust me. It won't be a problem. I can strap it to the roof of the car." What?  "No,  won't work. Okay, well, how much yarn can I stow instead?"

How far?
Rideau Canal
Innovative pin hole bone sun glasses used by the Inuit to prevent snow blindness and aid clear vision.

Love the door and the ornately craved lintel. ( I know. It could be a better pic ~ next time I'll stand in the traffic).
The peace tower on parliament hill.
Laura Secord

Anyone for afternoon tea at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier? It's, most decidedly, on my wish list.
Mr. By supervisor of The Rideau Canal and founder of Ottawa.

August 22, 2013

Contradiction in Blue

Blue is considered a cool colour, but add a touch yellow or grey and it morphs warm. What a contradiction!

I think my preference for blue resides in my genes. My mother is a fan, and so was my grandmother. My mother told me that my grandmother once said, "A Patch of Blue For a Gown of Blue." I've never forgotten that phrase because it's unique and poetical. Besides, the phrase, A Patch of Blue has a nice ring to it. It could be the title of short story, or a fitting name for a store, so no pinching, please.☺

Cool or warm? I have no preference. I love every shade of blue, although over the years I've tried to fight it. Why? Because, for me, it's a predictable choice and I don't want to be hidebound, so a couple of years ago I did something radical: I decorated the bathroom in purple--purple shower curtain, mats, and accessories. For all you purple lovers out there, I have nothing against purple. Really, the only thing wrong with purple is that it isn't blue. Needless to say, I hated that bathroom. The moral: don't go against your grain, or as written by the world's greatest bard "to thy own self be true." True blue that is.

Unfortunately, I don't own a blue car. My furniture isn't blue, but there's blue it in. My hair isn't blue, but I know that's chic and there's a large chance that it might look smashing. Yes, I've sighed heavily over these over sights, but the good news is things can and do change, so Ra Ra to a future draped in blue!

"There's no blue without yellow or orange." Vincent Van Gogh  You don't say!

♦  Yarn ~ Malabrigo colour Impressionist Sky. The create clip by Kelly Rae Roberts. The uber sweet card by Nina Chen waits to be filled out.

 ♦ The wee tool--a stitch picker upper; it saved me when I was knitting my Rock Island Shawl.

♦ Enjoy the song and the weekend!

August 20, 2013


 Strathcona number five two, from my last post, hot off the needles. Sometimes a girl just has to have two. I knit the other one from linen. I love how linen softens with wash and wear.  Hopefully, there's a linen sweater project somewhere in my queue.

For a milestone birthday. Can a girl receive too many flowers? I think not.

August 15, 2013

More Than One ~ Filling The Gap

 Slipping easily from one knitting project to another, with a book small enough to fill the gap, and a breeze billowing through the curtains, while drinking tea creates, as far as I'm concerned, the best of days. The only thing I'd add: a hammock under a shady tree by a river, or, preferably, the sea.

The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico is, I think, required reading in high school, although not when I went to school. It's a wee tale that expands the heart. The setting: a lighthouse in the marshlands by the sea where the reader, for a time, also resides because it's so well rendered. While critics frown on the author's use of telling instead of showing and the book's sentimentality, it's a book well worth reading because sentiment is, after all, what makes us human. Further, if deeply felt, sentiment helps us to relate to other people in a non-judgmental way, recognize goodness and good intentions, and it can awaken and foster compassion, which, in turn, often inspires people to do great things.

Over the years, I've read The Snow Goose several times. It's one of those books that you reach for at certain times, for certain reasons. If you haven't read it, and you aren't easily daunted by the moral lessons of, in this case, fine instructive sentiment, ;^}it's a great read.

 The multicoloured scarf  ~ my second Strathcona and the fingerless mitts designed by me.
Yarn:  Fleece Artist ~ Schooner, and Quince and Co., Chickadee ~ Pomegranate.

Enjoy the weekend!

August 09, 2013

Through An Open Window

Over the last month, I've been in contact with two old friends. These encounters boggle the many years? One tries to tally--to add and subtract--to reckon, but in the end it doesn't matter because history renders time irrelevant. How? Although our lives have changed drastically, the time shared is sacrosanct--it's encapsulated, pressed on the memory banks, or so near the surface that when the other person brings up an experience there's a beacon of light that mingles in the rare air.

There's much to catch up on; good times and bad, laughter and sorrow, and memories surface that one wants to forget; there's yearning, but when it all comes full circle there's a meeting--an understanding that's grounded and surpasses time; it's also about growth--expansion, coupled with a wink of wisdom.

For me, it is not really about looking back; it's more about liberation. It's breezy--fresh and animated--like admiring a summer's day through an open window.

August 07, 2013

It's Time

Although it was on my list, I never got around to knitting a hat for my son last year. Why? Because when I decided to knit it, it took a few weeks to get the yarn and then one thing led to another and well, it just didn't materialize.

As Robert Burns said, "The best laid plans...often go awry." I am glad I waited though because the light is great this time of year, which I appreciate, especially when I am knitting with black yarn on dark harmony needles.

So recently I sat down and whipped up a this hat.  I didn't have any measurements, so I guessed; here's hoping it fits. Since fall and winter are "months" away (O, yes, I'm an die hard optimist!), it looks like I'm way ahead of the game.

Of course, I'd love to  post pictures of him wearing the hat, but he's a bit camera shy.
As you can see, it is too large for me, so I'm thinking it will fit. If not, it's back to the drawing board.

Where to put those wee knitting notions? The tin box is from the Michael's Store, and I bought the sweet knitting cats zippered pouch here. [I also found a pencil case that is just the right size for a sock project--not pictured.] The yarn, Lark, is from Quince and Company, I love their yarns and their friendly service!

August 02, 2013

Children of the Jaguar ~ Good News!

Children of the Jaguar

Wonderful news! It happens.  Keep signing those petitions.

Enjoy the weekend...
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