April 29, 2015


Watercolour and ink.

I finally finished the mother and baby birds. The pic could be aligned a bit better, but that's the third pic I've taken and they are all the same.  The old nursery rhyme: there was a crooked man woman who walked a crooked mile comes to mind.

I was on a hike yesterday, but without my camera so, unfortunately, I don't have pics of the wildflowers that are beginning to bloom. I found a new one that I haven't seen before named the trout lily. It's a delicate beauty. They are, at best, ephemeral, so I better get back out there and take a few pictures before they disappear.

I hope you are enjoying the week. It's bright and sunny here...so very wonderful!

April 21, 2015

I'm Amazed

I was going to title this post Maybe I'm Amazed. You may remember the title from the Paul McCartney song, but the maybe doesn't fit because I am amazed, or was amazed when I saw the Woodcock's mating dance video a few weeks ago.
Apparently, the Woodcock does its mating dance and an aerial display every dawn and dusk for two months. I'll have to pull on my deerstalker cap and search the woods to see if I can find one. Move over Sherlock.

2000-5000 more feathers and I can call it finished. :)
Work in progress...

Do turn up the sound.  Take it away Mr. Woodcock...


April 14, 2015

Out and About

One of those divine days that I've been dreaming about all winter long finally arrived. And lovely it was. Temps 24C or 75.2 degrees F. with a warm breeze blowing from the south. So it was definitely time to throw off the winter woolies and head to the woods.

Eye of the Birch
Beautiful colour.

The plant life is just waking up so there's not much on the grow, but my son and I did meet and visit with a few hungry friends.

Mr. Chips the Chipmunk.

Yes please. I'm immensely fond of peanuts.
Peanuts? Shucks. I'd prefer a serving of sunflower seeds, please.

Er...maybe...just one, said the wee chickadee.

 * * *

On the needles ...

Increasing 7 stitches from 1 caused my frogging party :/ ( For non-knitters that means to rip it out.) Since a few of the holes were too large, I couldn't continue because I knew that the holes would never even out during blocking. The good news: I didn't have a life life but know where to begin again. Yes!

* * *
Painting... feathered friends...

One of my favourite birds: the marsh wren. They flit around in the marsh grasses and fly so fast that it is hard to catch more than a glimpse of one, so I decided to draw a couple.

Thanks for reading...Enjoy the week!

April 07, 2015


Using a 4H pencil for this drawing.  Actually, I usually use between a 2H-4H  because I don't like smudges. (I darkened this pic so you can see it.)  For a sketchbook, darker pencils would be better, but old habits are hard to break. I hope it have it finished and ready to paint soon.
Matcha latte.  A late afternoon pick me up. Not your traditional Japanese "Way of the Tea" but it's close. I add a dash of honey and cinnamon. 

And finally from the watched pot....a little success. The Glory lily has grown over a foot since it broke ground on Friday.

Have a lovely week...
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